President Trump DOES Have the Right to Fire James Comey

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Author: Alex Pearce

Like any decision Donald trump makes, his firing of former FBI Director, James Comey, has received stark criticism, especially from the left. Amongst the criticisms, many are arguing that Trump had no authority to fire Comey, that the firing is only to protect the investigation into Trump’s campaign, and so on. All feelings aside, constitutionally speaking, Trump had every right to fire Comey.

I want to start this article by reminding readers that I am a harsh critic of Mr. Trump, especially in regards to his foreign and immigration policy and economic decisions. With that being said, there is some logic that lies behind this entire issue that I would like to bring to the attention of everyone reading this article:

First off, Donald Trump is the President of the United States. James Comey was an at-will employee of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, a bureau that is under the authority of the POTUS. Therefore, Trump, as president, has every right to fire any employee of the FBI whenever he desires.

Second, those attacking Trump’s decision under the position that he is “covering his tail” are incorrect for a few reasons. On the one hand, the great thing about the judicial system of this country is that all are “innocent until proven guilty”. No trial has occurred for Trump or any of the members of his campaign team regarding the current investigation that the FBI is conducting. That means that those claiming Trump is just “hiding the guilt” of his campaign staff are actually the one’s being unconstitutional by claiming guilt before a trial decision has occurred. Additionally, the investigation will still occur. President Trump can do nothing about that. A new director will be appointed, one that has to be approved by Republicans and Democrats, alike, and who swears an oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States of America. Following that, the investigation will resume and the facts will speak for themselves.

Third, there were other reasons for Comey’s termination. There are claims that he handled the investigation into Clinton’s use of private emails in an unconstitutional manner. Both the deputy attorney general, Rod Rosenstein, and the attorney general, Jeff Sessions, requested that Trump fire Comey. Debate all you want about their reasons, but no constitutional laws were broken in the firing of Comey.

Finally, we should be thankful that the transition of power, in this case that of the FBI Director, can be done in such a peaceful, regulated manner. Do you think such a decision would have gone so smoothly in North Korea? We must remember how lucky we are to live in a country where transitions of power such as this can be part of the norm.

I have very mixed feelings about this entire incident. Part of me worries that Comey was fired as a way to protect Trump’s past decisions. Another part of me feels that Trump was in the right to fire Comey and that this story is only making headlines as another example of the polarization of politics by the divided media. Though I agree that this decision can be seen as ill-timed due to the fact that Comey was investigating Trump, there may be much more to the story and I cannot fully comment on these issues as I do not have the same information that the FBI has. It seems that Comey had some issues of his own such as lacking support from his colleagues in Washington and his mishandling of the Clinton investigation. While it is possible that the White House may be trying to hide something, in this case that being something Comey may have found during his investigation into the Trump Campaign’s possible ties to Russia. I can only hope that the investigation is conducted in the proper manner from this point forward and that it remains independent from political influence. Moreover, this entire scenario, from the investigation into Trump to the possible misconduct with the FBI, reeks of big government and I hope soon enough Americans demand that the power be returned to the people. It is likely that this story is nothing more than a distraction of larger issues, it being reported on only as a way to divide Americans on their support of the POTUS.

In closing, I firmly believe an independent, thorough investigation should still be completed by the FBI in which the facts are what matter. Speculating why Trump did what he did is useless at this point. He used his constitutional authority to make a decision and there is no changing that. Instead of wishing that he made a different decision, we must look to the future and work to ensure the best possible candidate is selected to replace Comey and that upholding the constitution remains at the the forefront of this country. Crying and complaining will solve nothing. We must count our blessings, remember what a great country we live in, and work to preserve those values. Respecting constitutional authority only when it fits your narrative will do nothing to preserve the integrity of this great nation.



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