An Open Letter to President Trump – From Someone Who Voted For Him

Donald Trump

Author: Michael Bove

Dear President Trump,

Congratulations are in order. After years of Democratic control, you led the Republican party in taking back control of the White House, the U.S. House of Representatives, and the U.S. Senate. Not only did Republicans regain control of the federal government, we control a majority of state governments as well.

On the economic front, consumer confidence has spiked since you won the election. Americans have a new-found confidence in our economy, which will almost certainly translate into economic growth as consumers begin spending again. You have also personally intervened to save thousands of American jobs, even before you were sworn into office. During your first few weeks in office, you have also slashed regulations and began work on a new tax code that will encourage economic growth and lower taxes for nearly every American. As a finance major and investor in the U.S. stock market, I must also thank you for winning since after your victory, the S&P 500 has climbed over 10% in just a few months. This has created billions of dollars in wealth for not only the top 1% but also for every american with a retirement account.

Regarding our justice system, you fulfilled a campaign promise of appointing a conservative justice to the Supreme Court. Judge Gorsuch’s confirmation has ended the issue of having an incomplete Supreme Court. I believe that Judge Gorsuch has demonstrated that he believes in following the Constitution instead of wrongfully re-writing it.

Just a few days ago you designated May 14-May 20 as “Police Week.” In additional to this, you shined a blue light on the White House in honor of Peace Officers Memorial Day (unlike President Obama). As the nephew and grandson of several police officers, I am thrilled to see that there is a President that will finally support and defend our police officers who have sacrificed so much to ensure that our communities stay safe.

Mr. President, you have done a number of really good things for this country so far. However, there are a number of things that you really need to work on and change.

Firstly, I want to comment on is your executive order that temporarily banned travel from several Middle East countries. Now while I agree with the idea of temporarily banning travel from terrorist hotspots, this executive order was rushed and not effective. I understand the idea of quickly wanting to protect the country but, in the end, not even our own airport security personnel knew how to implement your order. This caused mass chaos and eventually your executive order was even struck down by the courts who felt that your own administration did not demonstrate an adequate need for such action.

Now, to be fair, I understand that there is a difference between running a company and running a country. When you were the CEO of your company, you were only accountable to yourself and you got to make the rules without any oversight. But as President, there are other factions, such as the court system, that you will need to work with to ensure that your orders are successful and legal. Not everything can just go how you want it to and how you say you want it to, there are procedures that need to be followed.

I am immensely concerned with how you handled the firing of former FBI director James Comey. There is no question that you had every right to fire Mr. Comey, as The Liberty Bell has discussed in a previous blog post however, he and his staff were informed of the firing by seeing a news program on television. Regardless of how effective you believe he was at his job, I believe it is inappropriate and immature to fire someone in a way where they find out your decision from a television report. Although Trump issued Comey a “sick burn”, it was unorganized and demonstrates poor leadership.

While writing this article, it appears that your administration has become embroiled in yet another political misstep. According to several news outlets, “an anonymous source” reported that you revealed classified intelligence on ISIS to the Russian Ambassador. The information was said to be so heavily classified that some of our allies did not even have access to it but now the Russians, who aren’t exactly our best friends, do have access to it. What is even worse is that we do not even know the true scope of the incident. Your National Security Advisor, H.R. McMaster, made a statement saying that no classified information was revealed at the meeting but you, in a tweet, explained that you had “the absolute right to” reveal classified information to the Russians. Which is it? Did you reveal classified information or did you not?

Mr. President, it seems that your administration is in chaos and not even your top advisors know what is true and what is false. In order to move forward, I think the best course of action is to begin acting as a leader and stop sending vague tweets that can be misconstrued and make the American people question you and your administration. Your tweets, while necessary in communicating with your supporters during the campaign season, are now creating confusion and miscommunication. Also, it might be wise to consider cleaning house. Your advisors (Reince Priebus, Steve Bannon) seem to be wholly incapable of allowing you to make the transition from running a successful real estate empire and a successful presidential campaign into running a successful presidential administration. Furthermore, your Press Secretary (Sean Spicer) is unable to contain and dispel false reports and distortions coming from a variety of news outlets.

Overall, I would give you a solid B- on your administration so far. I hope that moving forward, you learn to take constructive criticism from not only the left but from your own supporters too. After all, it’s difficult to realize you’re not doing an A+ job if you are not taking these criticisms seriously in order to fix the issues at hand. You have done many good things but there are a number of significant areas that need improvement in order for you to run an administration that will “Make America Great Again.”